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Ideal Protein is a weight loss method that addresses the way your body burns calories. This revolutionary approach focuses on re-educating your body to metabolize sugar (an important function of the pancreas that can get overwhelmed with overconsumption of carbs) and burn fat. Our products aim to fuel the body with adequate protein to maintain muscle mass and other vital organ functions while losing weight on a low calorie diet.

Many diets focus on calorie restriction with little regard for where the weight loss is coming from. This typically ends in loss of fat and muscle which inhibits the body’s metabolism and makes the weight you lose unsustainable. The “yo-yo” effect that traditional diets have on your body ultimately leads to unnecessary mental and physical strain.

Weight loss is attainable by initially limiting your carbohydrate consumption and increasing protein intake. This allows the body to burn fat reserves in your body while preserving lean muscle mass.

The big piece that you are typically missing with a weight loss program is thinking that the work for weight loss is done after you reach a certain number on a scale. However, the true work starts after you reach your goal weight. With the right attention to healthy lifestyle changes and better awareness surrounding your food habits, the sky’s the limit. Your health journey is no longer about a certain pants size. Instead, it’s about the new energy and confidence you have gained to live life to the fullest. This is what makes this more of a lasting lifestyle change rather than just another diet protocol.

Weight Loss

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    How It Works

    The Ideal Protein protocol is broken up into three different phases. Each phase is specifically designed to help you maximize your weight loss goals from start to finish. That means you will have guidance throughout the entire process from goal setting to weight loss to maintenance.

    The three phases include:


    Phase One

    Weight Loss

    Phase Two


    Phase Three


    “Ideal Protein is the best quality weight management program ever.”

    Ideal Protein is the best quality weight management program ever. Cardinal Chiropractic offers it and not only is it easy to follow but the regular follow-up and sound method is pretty much a benefit to most. If you are interested in trying it, Cardinal Chiropractic is probably the best health care provider to go to, because you get way more than your money’s worth.

    – Rheba E

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