The Power of Tune-Ups!

Despite our best intentions, old habits can creep back into our lives when we least expect it! These old habits may be obvious, or they may be so slight that even we do not recognize them as a threat to our maintenance efforts. This is where the power of Tune-ups comes in!

Like complex machinery that requires routine servicing and tuning, our metabolism is no different. It, too, can “fall out of alignment” and require some tightening, straightening, and replenishing of vital components to prevent more costly repairs down the road.

Because your body is designed to gain weight, some weight regain is inevitable. Therefore, managing this is key. Maybe you have gained more than 5% of your body weight back, maybe you’re slipping back into old habits, or maybe you’re feeling the need for a reset. There is no wrong time to talk to your coach about a Tune-up.

What is a Tune-up?

A Tune-up is going back to Phase 1 for a short period of time (two to six weeks, four weeks on average) to reset your body and get back to your ideal weight.

And just like with complex machinery or the car you drive, the need for a Tune-up in Maintenance may not appear immediately! Planning Tune-ups twice annually creates a habit, allowing for even the most insidious repairs that will keep your “engine” healthy and more efficient for the long term.

When is it time for a Tune-up? Ask yourself:

• Am I still enjoying four cups of select or occasional vegetables that were a Phase 1 requirement and integral to daily menus in Phases 2 and 3?
• Am I keeping up with my water intake goals?
• Am I still practicing strong journaling habits?
• Am I still maintaining within 5% of my Ideal weight?
• Am I adhering to my Macro Code?

• Am I managing hunger and cravings?

If you’ve answered NO to two or more of these questions, get in touch with us today about a Tune-up!